No One Size Fits All

The typical “one size fits all” model deployed by hospital based groups does not work for everyone. ASCs differ from hospitals and ought to be treated differently.

ASCs are unique

We tailor our services to fit specific needs of ASCs and we are flexible enough to adapt to evolving needs. From providing quality service to assisting in business development and growth, we have you covered.


  • patient satisfaction

  • surgeon satisfaction

  • staff satisfaction

  • ASC business admin satisfaction

Their skill with ultrasound blocks are also noteworthy… since PAC specializes and practices only in outpatient surgery centers, they’re able to practice with high efficiency and fluidity that helps the surgical flow proceed rapidly and safely.

Alexis Nunez, RN, Director of Nursing, San Francisco Surgery Center

We have consistently excellent reviews from our patients and our surgeons repeatedly request PAC to care for their patients. 

Alexis Nunez, RN, Director of Nursing, San Francisco Surgery Center

I have yet to work with an anesthesiologist that has provided more benefit to the surgical workflow, and thus directly translated to more surgical productivity.

Robert Peterson, MD, Northbay Healthcare Dept. of Orthopedics

Anesthesia Services

We meet all of your anesthesia needs in a straightforward an d elegant style. This is an appropriate level for most centers desiring worry-free, high quality anesthesia coverage.

  • high quality and efficient anesthesia care

  • professional, personable, and down-right awesome board certified* anesthesiologists

  • amazingly quick and reliable ultrasound guided nerve blocks

  • hassle-free anesthesia scheduling and notification platform

  • pre-operative screening tools

  • easy-to-use anesthesia consult platform


Advanced Consulting

Comprehensive anesthesia coverage with a broadened scope that incorporates the preoperative and postoperative clinical work-flow, select administrative duties, and program development. A partnership is created that leads to refinement and enhancement of services, increased productivity, and growth of the center.

  • everything that comes with Anesthesia Services

  • formal evaluation and stepwise reorganization of surgical workflow

  • streamlining of preoperative and postoperative processes

  • periodic re-evaluation of workflow and efficiency markers

  • educational didactics for nurses and staff

  • design, implementation, and evaluation of targeted surgical programs

We tailor our services to fit specific needs.
And we’re flexible enough to adapt to evolving needs.

Our Values