Our mission is to help our ambulatory surgery center partners in achieving excellence in performance, delivering the foremost healthcare for their patients, and producing highest value to their stakeholders. We accomplish this through providing superb anesthesia care, comprehensive perioperative services, and effective administrative consulting.


We are a group of talented, professional, and personable anesthesiologists who enjoy what we do. We take pride in our profession and a job well done! We hail from premier academic institutions and thus have a specialized wealth of knowledge and superb technical expertise. Along with clinical accomplishments, we value the invaluable: time spent with loved ones, well-being, and happiness!

Our exclusive commitment to the world of anesthesia for outpatient procedures is unique. We have a distinctive understanding of the challenges faced by ambulatory facilities, which allows us to address efficiency issues head-on. We do so while maintaining the highest quality of patient care and safety. 

We incorporate the most current technologies and practices from leading academic centers, thereby providing our patients with the best in anesthesia care. We also bring enthusiasm that reinvigorates the ambition of seasoned centers looking to recapture or expand business and of new centers attempting to establish a solid reputation. Using prudence, we aid decision making that helps administration manage more wisely and effectively.

Additionally, we are the first generation of anesthesiologists mandated to participate in the Maintenance of Certification in Anesthesiology (MOCA) program as directed by the American Board of Anesthesiology. Thus, our continuing education is linked to a recertification process which assures quality throughout the years, a knowledge that is ever maturing, and a practice that is current with accepted standards.

Our name derives from the latin word for bridge. Bridges are powerful symbols denoting strength, reliability, ingenuity, connectivity, efficiency, safety, and assurance.

Like a bridge we provide patients safe passage from the shores of preoperative uncertainty, over the unknown sea of surgery, to the welcoming shores of health and recovery. For surgery centers, we are the bridge connecting goals and aspirations to accomplishments and achievements.

Whether it’s arriving at destinations, traversing obstacles, or providing safe passage, we bridge the gap so the journey may go on.

We have a distinctive understanding of the
challenges faced by Ambul
atory Surgery Centers.

Our Values